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Are you the coolest bride on the block who’d rather kick back with a glass of bubbly than meet with one more wedding vendor? Who has a whole Pinterest board of flowers but has no idea what the heck they’re called? Boom – you’re our bride, and Native Poppy is your spot for wedding flowers in San Diego. We have an easy, hassle-free a la carte menu that allows you to pick your size and color, then call it a day!

We build your pieces in our signature style - wild and whimsical – and always with what is fresh and in season. Let us combine your vision with our expertise to create some epic wedding florals. We reserve the right to make your order awesome! 

All shop wedding orders must be placed at least 2 weeks in advance.


Bridal Bouquet | Native Poppy

Bridal Bouquet

Regular price $145.00

Bridesmaid Bouquet | Native Poppy Shop

Bridesmaid Bouquet

Regular price $95.00

Small Bridal Centerpiece | Native Poppy

Small Centerpiece

Regular price $65.00

Medium Bridal Centerpiece | Native Poppy

Medium Centerpiece

Regular price $85.00

Large Bridal Centerpiece | Native Poppy

Large Centerpiece

Regular price $105.00

Bridal Pedestal | Native Poppy


Regular price $165.00

Long and Low Bridal Centerpiece | Native Poppy

Long & Low Centerpiece

Regular price $205.00



From Regular price $15.00

Corsage | Native Poppy


Regular price $25.00

Boutonnière | Native Poppy


Regular price $15.00

Flower Crowns | Native Poppy

Flower Crowns

From Regular price $45.00